You better be good at what you do in business before you dare to be different. So we’ll tell you to start with, TQ Express are different.

From its base in Manchester International Airport’s Cargo Centre, TQ Express’ reputation for its outstanding freight services has been carried with its deliveries to most corners of the world. Employing highly skilled and motivated professionals, with flexible and capable resources at their fingertips, TQ Express is made up of an inspired team of individuals with unusually high levels of commitment and integrity. Quality, safety and security are at the core of the company culture.

Specialising in coping with the most complicated import and export needs by air road or sea, it’s the attention to detail, control and communication skills that routinely combine to achieve extraordinary results. It’s a set of qualities that not only protects a customer’s interests but can give them a credible commercial advantage over their competitors.


Formed with a vision to create a 'Centre of Freight Excellence' at Manchester Airport, it was in 1990 that a number of experienced freight industry professionals came together under the leadership of Derek Whelan to establish TQ Express. With a passion and enthusiasm to offer nothing but the best, the business was founded on the strictest principles of integrity and professionalism to live up to it's stylised mark for Total Quality.

Sadly Derek died in 1996, having laid down the model for a company that has now evolved to a point where it receives class-leading industry acclaim and has an acknowledged reputation as one of the most competent forwarding businesses of it's type.

Still a British, privately owned forwarding business, TQ Express remains carefully protective of it's 100% independent status as the purest means of guaranteeing the highest quality global freight solutions, by air, road and sea.