When it has to be there, there can be no compromise. When our customers say something is urgent and it is time-critical, we understand them. Normally the cost of a failed delivery is not the wasted freight charge but the cost of the consequential loss of a factory production line being shut down, a ship being kept in dock, an event being cancelled. These can be costs that can, for the sake of a small part, cost a business £millions. To these customers failure is not acceptable.

When you have a problem, you need solutions – fast. It’s our challenge that TQ Express will not be beaten to find a solution by our competitors………..and make the delivery on time! Having the flexibility we do, resources we have, and our contacts worldwide, we take the attitude anything can be achieved if you try hard enough.

Our “nuts and bolts” approach to problems provides us with solutions that work, and once in operation, our attention to detail, control and communication deliver the results we need. It is our pleasure to succeed where others may fail!

We take our business personally!


  • First Flight Out Airfreight, Worldwide
  • Door to door "Bespoke" Services
  • Hand Carry on Board Courier
  • Dedicated Express Vans
  • Full and Part Charters
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline

Automotive Parts, Machinery, Ships and Aircraft Spares, Documents